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Enhance Ambiance with Dimmable LED Wall Niches

Important Note on LED Lighting. LED lights must always be used with a proper 12Vdc power supply. Using an incorrect or incompatible power supply can result in malfunctioning lights, reduced lifespan, or safety hazards. When selecting a power supply for your LED lighting needs, make sure it is specifically designed for use with LED lights and meets the necessary voltage and current requirements.

Pre-Lit Niches • LED Light Channels • Accessories

Custom sizes available. Fast turnaround. Suitable for any applied surface such as:

  • Wood

  • Tile

  • Wallpaper

  • Texture

  • Paint

Installation Video

The world's first serviceable lighted niche with customizable placement of lighting source.

The patent pending magnetic coupling system is a revolutionary design that gives you peace of mind. Not only does it provide custom lighting placement, it also eliminates the need for costly tear outs if the lights ever need to be serviced. Illuminiche offers a range of pre-fab as well as custom sizes and designs of pre-lit LED dimmable niches with our dimmer driver switch suitable for shower, vanity, and above toilet installation in the bathroom as well as other rooms. 100% Waterproof and suitable for applied surface. Perfect for new construction or renovation projects. Illuminiche is the biggest design trend for 2024.