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 Shower niche lighting and LED Light Channels

Not only the World's 1st serviceable pre-lit LED niches but also a customizable placement of lighting source.

The revolutionary niche design gives you peace of mind.

Luxurious Illuminiche IN2513 with Gold Mosaic Tiling Trending Bathrooms

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Explore the Exceptional Features of Illuminiche Lighting Solutions

- Revolutionary Design with Patent-Pending Magnetic Coupling System

- Custom Lighting Placement by way of our Magnetic Coupling System

- No expensive tear outs if lights need servicing

- 72 LEDs per foot for proper light distribution

- 3000K lighting spectrum for warm white light ideal for a cozy ambiance.

- 4000k lighting spectrum for natural white light for cool and warm surfaces

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A Top Choice for Designers in 2024 - Explore Why.

With easy installation, waterproof designs, and various sizes, we offer unparalleled versatility to meet your lighting needs effectively. Take a look at our shop for an array of sizes and options, and experience why we are the top choice for designers in 2024.

Illuminiche Waterproof LED Light Channel with Customizable Features

LED Light Channel


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Illuminiche IN4913 Blue Niche with Even Illumination



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Illuminate IN2513 Blue Niche | Even Illumination | Illuminiche.com



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Luxury Bathroom with Illuminiche Lighting

Elegance Redefined: Illuminiche Lighting Collection

Welcome to the realm of cutting-edge LED lighting at Illuminiche. Our expansive range includes illuminated niches, LED light channels, and innovative lighting designs, seamlessly blending functionality and style for both designers and DIY enthusiasts.

Choose our sustainable 12V lighting for significantly reduced energy consumption and environmental impact, offering cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solutions. Our curated selection of high-quality LED lighting options ensures energy efficiency and exceptional performance tailored to your unique aesthetic preferences and lighting needs.

Explore our contemporary lighting designs, adding sophistication and elegance to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our modern LED fixtures perfectly complement interior decor, providing exceptional illumination while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Moreover, our LED wall niche lighting is 100% serviceable through our patent-pending magnetic coupling, ensuring ease of maintenance and convenience.

At Illuminiche, we are dedicated to offering premium LED light solutions emphasizing exceptional illumination and sustainable practices. Stay updated with the latest lighting trends and discover a world of niche illumination ideas. Explore our collection and elevate your spaces with the art of lighting at Illuminiche.

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Enhance Your Space with Dimmable LED Niches and Accessories

Elevate Your Environment with Customizable LED Niches - Waterproof and Dimmable pre-lit LED 12Vdc (green energy) dimmable niches with our dimmer driver switch suitable for shower, vanity, and above toilet installation in the bathroom as well as other rooms. 100% Waterproof and suitable for applied surface. Perfect for new construction or renovation projects. Illuminiche is the biggest design trend for 2024.